Ohhh, It’s been a while

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Hmm, look at this pile of dust…my god it’s been a long time since I had post something.

Well, I’ll be changing some things around here and I’m gonna starting posting again ^^

Sadly I’m hosting my blog at wordpress and they don’t allow custons templates T^T

Well, we use what we can get, right?

Matta ne!!!


As far I’ve noticed…

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By now you must be asking yourself: “WTH I’m losing my time reading this sh-tty blog, if she didn’t even talk about what she is supposed to!”. And you are right, I’m just losing time with things that is not the subject, so now, I’m moving on to it.

Once upon a time….wait…this is not supposed to be a fairy tale… So it all began after we get wiped every time we tried to kill some elites, some would say that without a sorcerer you can do that, and actually you can, but with a sorcerer the things goes pretty smooth. We usually went as 2 gladiators (me and agni), a assassin (kaaya), a templar (barsi) and a cleric (hanni), we did good for a while, since each one helped to tank.

We were happy than…until we came across Kaidan Mines.
For those who aren’t familiar with this place, it is a canyon with 2 entrances, and inside, there’s some elites (replace the word “some” to “lots”) and they usually walks in groups, and they are of the same “family”. So usually when you call one kaidan krall, expect to be facing three or four (I really do hate those flagmans…).

So i started my sorcerer to help my friends to get those elites(ha…those flagman would taste my cc’s!!!), but before i had to level my char. So i set up for a group. As you know, I’ve been playing on the chinese server… and they speak chinese (obviusly).  The best part of being a sorcerer is, you are the third (maybe fourth) class most desired into a party, it took less than 2 min to get a call. It was a group with a assassin, a gladiator and 4 sorcerers.
Have any of you ever had that feeling, or even heard a voice inside your brain telling you that something is wrong? That voice kept telling me “get out”, but i didn’t bothered to listen. So i went to were they camped.

Rukia>> Hi, does anyone speak english?
Leader>> Do you?


Rukia>> Yes, I think…
Rukia>> I just noticed, we don’t have a cleric or a templar
Leader>> It’s okay we are grouping like this for a while
Rukia>> Really?
Leader>> Yeah, trust me!
Leader>> We will be fine!
Rukia>> …okay…I guess…

By that time, that inner voice wasn’t talking to me anymore. It was screaming, and still I didn’t listened to it.
So we were killing our first mob and it actually went pretty smooth, after that we had to wait for the melees to recover their hp. Nothing really new but when we pulled the second mob, a little mamaki patrol drawned near, so I thought. “I will put him to sleep as we kill the elite”.

Rukia has casted Sleep on Mamaki Patrol.
張吳 has casted Ice Chain on Mamaki Patrol.

Rukia>> crap…

張吳 has inflicted 250 damage on Mamaki Patrol by using Ice Chain.
Mamaki Patrol has weak up.
張吳 has inflicted 113 damage on Mamaki Patrol by using Frozen Shock.
Mamaki Patrol has casted Warning Call.

Mamaki Patrol>> ENEMY ATTACK!!!

Needless to say that all elites in the area linked together to wipe us out.

Tursin Veteran Combat Leader Has Casted Mortal Blow on 麗麗.
麗麗 received 1.235 damage from Tursin Veteran Combat Leader’s Mortal Blow.
麗麗 has died.
Tursin Veteran Lancer Has Casted Throw Object on 陳林.
陳林 received 1.389 damage from Tursin Veteran Lancer’s Throw Object.
陳林 has died.
Tursin Veteran Fighter has Casted Mortal Blow on 張吳.
張吳 received 1.118 damage from Tursin Veteran Fighter’s Mortal Blow.
張吳 has died.

As the party was dying, I runned as fast i could , when i turned my camera back, I’ve saw about 10 elite tursin chasing us and for our unlucky check, the entrance guard had just respawned

Rukia>> Ow god!

We had nowhere to run, so I thought that I had a small chance to survive if I logged off and so i did. The counter was getting to the end and the mobs were getting closer and closer.

Tursin Veteran Lancer Has Casted Throw Object on Rukia.

*dramatic pause*

Rukia received 1.389 damage from Tursin Veteran Lancer’s Throw Object.
Rukia has died.

That was my welcome to the glasscannon life. And from that point and on, I started to listen to my inner voice, as after that, she had laughed the hell out of me.

So it began…

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So 3 months had past since my little lucklessness episode and I had make up with my friend again. He was feeding me with informations about the chinese closed beta and was hoping that I would play with him. This time he said that he got all dates and would share with me before hand, so I would not lose anything like last time.

Everything went smoothly on the closed beta, and soon SNDA announced that they would launch their open beta and for our suprise, they wouldn’t wipe the closed beta data and some people already where on lvl 20. At first, not problem at all(on a side note, SNDA didn’t announced when the retail would start).

So I’ve started to download one week earlier before the server got opened. Again, I had problens doing that, as the entire world was also making the dowload. The fastest speed i got was something like 20kbps. It would take a month to dowload it and at that rate, the beta would be finished. A whole day had passed by and miraculously the download speed had increased to 210kbps.

Rukia>> Ow, sweet!

For the next day I went to see how it was and all parts had finished(there was 5 files, of wich, one where named as data.zip, following with data.zo1, data.zo2, data.z03 and the setup launcher). As such, I had it running the install program, while I went to the kitchen make something to eat. I knew it that would take a while so I didn’t mind at all. So when I had back to the computer, the game launcher was opened awaiting me to update it. I just closed it and turned off my pc. So it was still like 4 days to open to begin and again, I didn’t mind at all.So with 1 day left,  my friend called me on msn.

Friend>> Hey ru!
Rukia>> Hi there!!
Friend>> Mind if I ask you something?
Rukia>> Should I be afraid of it?
Friend>> No, not at all
Rukia>> hmm
Rukia>> Ok, try me!
Friend>> Did you updated your client?
Rukia>> Hmm no…it’s that long?
Friend>> Not at all…
Friend>> But at this rate, everyone else should be making their too
Friend>> So it might take a while to download.
Rukia>> Yah, forgot about that…
Rukia>> I gonna let it updating here.

So I’ve opened the launcher and hit the chinese botton wich should meant “Start the game”, bellow it, a yellow gauge started to roll from the left to right, as if was checking something. It took about 5 or 6 secs and than the update started to be downloaded.

Rukia>> It’s downloading…
Rukia>> But it’s slow as hell!!
Friend>> Told you so…
Rukia>> Anyway the open beta  will start tomorrow anyway.
Rukia>> Guess it will be up by than.
Friend>> Probably…
Rukia>> …ok, see you tomorrow than
Friend>> Cya!

So I let my pc downloading the whole night and the day after, as I had to go to work. When I’ve got in home, went to see how it was, and for my surprise, it was still downloading the update. I went to msn again.

Rukia>> Hey!!
Friend>> What?
Rukia>> Just checked my update, and was downloading still
Rukia>> it’s supposed to take this long?
Friend>> Hmm, no
Rukia>> how’s that so?
Friend>> Dunno…wich file it’s downloading?That CHS file?
Rukia>> Let me check..
A tick pass it by..
Rukia>> No…
Rukia>> It’s downloading a file called texture/animated/env_skybox_lightning.pak
Friend>> huh?
Rukia>> it’s what it says…
Friend>> you did something wrong on your install
Friend>> Cancel it and install it again
Rukia>> Are you sure?
Rukia>> Cuz I just pressed the install botton…
Rukia>>How could i miss something so simple?
Friend>> AHHH JUST DO IT!!
Rukia>> ok, ok…

So I ran the install program again, and when it hitted 27% a wierd message popped on my screen. My brain had imploded.

Rukia>> A message showed up…
Friend>> …
Friend>> What it says?
Rukia>> Let me re-phrase that…A CHINESE MESSAGE SHOWED UP!
Friend>> Ah..can you print it?
Rukia>> Sure…
A tick passed by
Rukia>> Here
Friend>> Ok
Dramatic pause!
Friend>> Look, it says something about your data.zip
Rukia>> What do you mean?
Another Dramatic pause!!
Friend>> Try to download it again…
Rukia>> Ok, the data.zip right?
Friend>> This is what it says…
Rukia>> Ok, downloading.

So I’ve download it, since it was a small file, it went fast.

Rukia>> Ok, trying to install again.
Friend>> Good Luck…

And again the same error.

Rukia>> Didn’t work…

Rukia>> Are you there?
Friend>> Yeah…
Friend>> I was making my character, sorry!
Rukia>> It didn’t work
Rukia>> What should I do?
Friend>> Besides sitting in a dark cornes in fetal position, as you cry?
Rukia>> ..I hate you…
Friend>> Love ya ^^
Friend>> Now to character creation screen…

I the end, I’ve found out that the data.zo1 and zo2 where corrupted, and had to download them again…just a side note, each one had about 2gb

First Time In!!

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Hellow there, this is my first post, so I don’t know where exactly to start. I’m kinda lost in my own thoughts and to get worse, english is not my main language( sorry, in advanced, if i make any mistake ) but as far, I’m gonna do my best to entertain you as you lose your time reading my stories.

So what now?How about I’d start with something so you can have a taste of everything I have been thru and what, yet, will come?

This whole thing about Aion, started about 6 or 7 months ago, by that time I didn’t wanted to play at all(for those who had been following the development of the game, knows how creepy it was), but than a friend of mine showed me a new video of it, telling me how much it had changed. It was something like:

Friend>>Hey ru!!
Rukia>>Hellow there
Friend>>You are officially playing Aion with me!
Friend>>There’s no wha whe whi, you are playing, and you gonna roll a templar to tank for me!!
Rukia>>-Why me??
Friend>>Cuz I’ve chose you!!!
Rukia>>-Nooooo not the pokemon thing >__<”
Friend>>Rukiaaaaa I choose you!!!*throws a pokeball*

This may sound retarded, but it’s true I swear!. So we had a discussion about the classes as I was reluctant to roll as a templar(I don’t tank >__<“) and in the end I’ve chose to play as gladiator. So I was with my class setup-ed, did some research about it, learned the basic and download the korean client(wich took me 3 day as the entire world was downloading it) and installed. I was running it for the first time, I was so anxious to play it, because of hype my friend put on it, that when the login screen poped I went smashing my keyboard key as fast I could raging to creating my character.
As I’ve pressed enter, a message in korean jumped on my screen. Tried again and the same message was showed to me, making impossible to log in.

I jumped to my msn trying to talk to my friend and for my unfortune he was away. I’ve waited, waited…tried to log in again and the same message still were there. About 3 hours later, my friend went back:

Friend>> Ow Ru, what’s up?
Rukia>> Hey, I’ve tried to log in game and a wierd message came up and didn’t let me in. Do you know what it means?
Friend>> Ah, forgot to tell you about it…
Rukia>>About what?

Rukia>> About what????
Friend>> The open beta has finished yesterday and now in order to play you need a kssn to validate your account…
Rukia>> SON OF B—-

Yeah, sad story. >___<“